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Sketchbox 2014 OC's 1 by artsytarts Sketchbox 2014 OC's 1 by artsytarts
Ok, let's just take a break from the really old stuff for a sec and move to the new stuff: New OC's! Isn't that exciting?

As some of you are aware, the last thing I did with my OC's, I posted more than two years ago... Yeah... Apologies to those who expected to see more action with the guys. Unfortunately, I pretty much hit a wall with the further development of my OC's. I didn't stop working on them though. To the contrary. I set up a huge amount of different settings and stories for them, but nothing seemed right. Nothing really felt like a story I wanted to tell. Which is why I altogether stopped drawing them for that long. Until the knot opened up around three weeks ago. I'm happy to announce that I now know what I want to do, how to do it and that I've started putting a cast together. First of which are Aurora Hi'aka, field agent and combat specialist and Kari Puck, scientist, medic and general excitable nerdy person.

I'm so excited to finally be working on my little team of awesome interdimensional agents again!

I'd love to get some feedback from you guys! What do you think of those two so far? Love / Hate? I am genuinely excited about this, so any comments from you would be awesome!



Okay, this is going to be long. Whoever makes it through this: Well done and thank you!

With all the changes that have happened for my OC's, funnily enough the storyverse is still largely the same. For those who aren't familiar with it yet, I'd advise you to read Jerry's explanation of Gateway and the Nexus.
Let's start with Aurora Hi'aka: She's not a new OC in that sense because I've had a character called 'Aurora' hanging around for quite a while. But she's new in the sense of how she's portrayed and what kind of role she has in the story. Her personality hasn't changed that much though: She's a good strategist and has a cunning mind, can be goofy, hyperactive and loves her job because she gets to pummel things. Her race still doesn't have a name, but as you can see: She's a humanoid cat. Not the most inventive alien life form, I grant you. But what I wanted to do is not to simply stick a cat head on a human body, as many people seem to do. I tried to make an alien cat race that seemed legit and which really could have evolved from felines. So I studied a lot of cat anatomy, drew their skulls and skeletons, tried to figure out how the whole structure of the body would change if a cat became bipedal. And this is what I came up with so far. Still needs a bit of tweaking, especially in the body and leg shape, but I'm quite happy with it so far.

The second lady here is Kari Puck. I just wanted to go wild on her and try out some crazy things like the elefant-like feet and feathers as hair. And well... somehow it worked pretty well. As you can see, I have her looks a bit further developed than Aurora, simply because I've been drawing her more. I don't have a name for her race either, but I already know in which direction I want their culture to go. Their language consists of short syllables and few long words. Hence, her short name. Their religion is big on music and ancient rhymes, which they believe are magical. Being a scientist, Kari does not share the belief with her kin, which is part of the reason why she left her planet and decided to work for an interdimensional agency. She was also excited about the prospect of seeing other worlds and about all the scientific discoveries that could be made. She's generally a very rational person and isn't quick to become superstitious. Anything and everything new excites her and she lives for gaining and sharing knowledge. She's kind and light hearted, fiercely intelligent, rubbish in a fight, but a very good medical doctor when it comes to quick fixes and emergencies. Also, she's about as tall as a ten-year old human, slightly below the average height for her species. Her legs are very muscular, which makes her a very good runner and she could hand out forceful kicks if she ever got in a scrap. Which is unlikely due to her non-agressive nature and lack of combat training. Random fact: Her species possess venom glands in their cheeks, a remnant from their amphibian ancestors. Of course, they're immune to their venom, but it is seen as socially unacceptable to use it. Over time, this has caused many individuals to be born without the venom glands. Kari still posesses them, although the venom produced is not as deadly as her ancestor's.

Other changes so far: Jerry is still the dork he's always been, but now he properly moved to the tech division as the gadget guy and isn't a pure field agent anymore. He's still from London and still from this earth in this universe. Only, he now has french parents and his last name is Lambert. Jérémy Lambert. Yes, after years and years, the man finally has a last name! He's very happy with it. And Gateway's resident Scot, Henry McKirmik, has a new job too. He's now the pilot and coordinator. Yes, he gets to fly the spaceship. And he drives the jeep. And pretty much any other vehicle at his disposal. All in all, his job is probably the most awesome. Especially because he gets to fly the freaking spaceship!

And lastly, here's the full list of names for the Gateway crew I'm focusing on: Amathea Zeynon (Captain), Crowen Tarvos (field agent, arms expert), Aurora Hi'aka (field agent), Henry McKirmik (pilot, coordinator), Jeremy Lambert (tech expert), Kari Puck (research, medical) and finally Car-Drazac (Gateway Commander, Gamma Sector) More on all of them in the future.

Ok, that's all I've thought out up until now. Sorry about this monstrosity of an artist's comment. I'll try to keep them shorter in future.

And kudos to anyone who's read it all to the end. Thank you!

© artsytarts – My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. Thank you!
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RogersTheBull Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I remember Kari! And have vague memories of Aurora too. I'm glad to see them again. I wondered where all your old art had gone, cos I went through your gallery a while back and everything I remembered seeing had dissapeared!!omfg 
artsytarts Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Yeah, I decided to go through my Gallery, delete all the old stuff that cluttered the place and to re-upload them in sketchdumps. It's sort of a work-in-progress.

Kari is a pretty new character though... But I might have doodled someone who looked similar before. Oh yeah and Aurora! She went through so many changes. From were-cat to legitimate cat to shapeshifter and now she's an alien humanoid cat thing. XD
Searching-For-Stars Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'd love to see more of these guys. :)  And I love your drawing style.
artsytarts Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you very much! :D There's definitely more to come.
Searching-For-Stars Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Can't wait! :XD:
chill13 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! I love these guys! Especially Kari. Her feet are especially unique! Love how you show the bone structure, there. And her face, with the feathers and scales looks really awesome. And not only is she a cool alien but she also looks like an intriguing character. In looks she kind of remind me of Neelix from Voyager.

And what sci fi story is complete without a feline species? Aurora is a pretty cool name and she sounds like a lot of fun too. In my original Hyperdrive story (which started years and years ago). I had a felinoid character too. She was an engineer with a temper.

I would love to see more of these characters!
artsytarts Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like them!

Yeah, in an odd way, they really work. I tried a couple of other things, but this seemed to work best.
I kind of tried to imagine what her bones would look like to know how she would move. And because it's interesting to see how the bones differ from a human skeleton. I might do something more detailed for the character sheet... maybe.
Oh my god, you are absolutely right! XD I've accidentally been channelling him...

That's what I thought too! :D No team is complete without a furry. Oh yeah, she's an enormous ball of fun and also totally nuts. I partly based her on my pet cat, who can be a purring, cuddly little thing at one moment and become a whirlwind of claws and fangs the next. Also, she's probably the character who went through most changes. First she was a human, then a werewolf, then she was a were-cat for a while, turned into an actual cat, became human again and now she's a feline alien... Quite an evolution.
Sounds like a bit of a cross between Kit and Nana, in cat form. ^^

I'm so happy you do! There's definitely more to come. Since I started working on them again, my mind's been bursting with ideas.

I just keep thinking about how hilarious it would be if our OC's met. :D
chill13 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
In aliens you don't see that combination often, feathers and scales. Really creative. I'd love to see the colors you choose for her!
Well, we all get inspiration from somewhere. Dr. Cloud was highly influenced by Dr. Doppler from Treasure Planet.

Wow! That's some evolution! Yeah, sometimes it takes quite a few incarnations to get a character right. Cats are such interesting creatures to base characters on, they've all got attitude!

Yay! I am looking forward to it!

That'd be awesome!
artsytarts Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student General Artist
The idea actually came from feathered dinosaurs. I find that combination quite beautiful and also kind of strange.
Oh, yeah that'll take some trying. I have no idea what colour I want to give her yet. I'll just have to experiment a bit.
Ah, really? That's cool. Dr. Doppler is one of my top favourite Disney characters.

Yeah, absolutely. Some characters are difficult to get down. But when they finally become a full character, it's all the more rewarding.
They definitely are! I find them fascinating creatures.

Looking forward to doing it ^^

I keep imagining who'd get along best with who. I think Rover and Henry would get along really well. Nana would probably hate both Jerry and Aurora. Oh god and the science talks Dr. Cloud and Kari could have!
Ok, I need to stop right now. :D
chill13 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You ought to get one general pic of her and just go crazy with it, coloring it as many ways as you can then pick the one that suits her best. What kind of environment does her species live in? That might have a bearing on color too. Desert? Jungle? Plains?

Nana: *to Aurora* Shedding! Shedding! Off chair! Off, off, off! Keep fur to self.
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